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The D's

Mr. D has been unemployed for several years (chronic pain syndrome) and is supported by his mother. After a stroke left her unable to return home, Mr. D became overwhelmed by overdue medical bills. Our initial assessment uncovered bills paid which were covered by his mother’s gap insurance. The D’s situation was urgent. Mrs. D’s resources were dwindling. Her son needed her support in order to live. Elder Care Coordinators arranged for Mr. D to go on assistance as a disabled person. Elder Care Coordinators was able to apply for Medicaid for Mrs. D and protect the house for her son. This case also involved being a mediator between Mr. D and the nursing home staff whose relationship had deteriorated. This deterioration had affected Mrs.D’s care. Elder Care Coordinators was also able to successfully present arguments at an arbitration to the satisfaction of our client saving them valuable resources.


Mr. and Mrs. H

Mr. and Mrs. H are an elderly couple, 87 and 90 respectively. When Elder Care Coordinators became involved they were living in their own home. Both were frail but neither had major health issues. Their only family member was a devoted nephew who lived out-of-state.

Our initial assessment was to provide in-home services (meals on wheels, housekeeping etc). The situation changed dramatically when Mrs.H fell and broke her hip. Mr.H was at too great a risk to remain home on his own. The ultimate plan involved arranging placement for Mrs.H through the discharge office at the hospital to a facility which could accommodate Medicare sub-acute care, retirement/assisted living care and also long term care if Mrs.H did not rebound from the surgery. With no local family available, Elder Care Coordinators was able to provide a smooth transition throughout the entire process. This was made easier by our efforts in pre-planning with the family before the crisis occurred



Attorney S

Elder Care Coordinators was called into consult on case which involved a 75 year old woman who was interested in doing estate planning. Elder Care Coordinators advised her on long term care insurance, supplemental insurance and the variety of living options available to her. This offered the client a comprehensive plan and convenience. Both the attorney and the client were very pleased with this arrangement.



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