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At Elder Care Coordinators we pride ourselves on providing our clients with creative solutions to their unique situations. Among the services we provide directly are:

Case Management

Elder Care Coordinators can be as involved as our clients wish us to be. We provide assessment, care planning, implementation of the care plan and monitoring. Home care plans may involve arranging for in-home services, such as: home health aide, companion, home delivered meals and transportation.


Medicaid Applications

Elder Care Coordinators will complete all paperwork and assist in securing all necessary verifications. In addition, we will field all correspondence from MASSHEALTH and advise clients regarding appropriate spend-down categories.



Placement and Monitoring

  • Nursing Home
  • Assisted Living
  • Elder Housing
  • Retirement Communities
  • Continuing Care Communities

Elder Care Coordinators will review all options available to our clients. We pay special attention to financial factors and personal preferences. We will facilitate all transfers from the hospital or home to long-term care facilities. Once our client is placed, we can monitor care to insure its appropriateness.



Professional Liaison

Elder Care Coordinators will recommend and work with physicians, attorneys and accountants. Our involvement may include doctor’s visits or consultations regarding estate planning.



Insurance Review

Elder Care Coordinators will provide a layman's understanding of all insurances which affect elders. Specifically the role Medicare and Medicaid play in an elder's insurance profile. Elder Care Coordinators will also provide analysis of long term care insurance and supplemental (Medigap) insurance.



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